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Lino Robles

About Us

Lino Robles gives us a taste of his casual elegant styling methods!

My visions sometimes are like a manufactured situation based on location or moods. I use fabrics that are sturdy yet soft & modern for today's sporty fashion minded male. I always tend to have my designs show the individuality of today's man relaxed attitude and free spirit with a flexible option which offers an alternative that can be worn for business or any other leisure activities that you do on weekends. My designs make you feel right at home with its simplicity, of solid lines and variety of colors. I have a lot of contrast in my clothing depending on my mood. My polo shirts, tees, khakis, caps and windbreakers show a distinct all American feel at times with a European resort feel. Our typical customer is a sporty athletic man that values the quality and versatility of our classic designs. See I do not need to follow trends because my customers and I have our own standards..

Today's man should always train himself to learn what style and colors fit him the best. First he should wear a color opposite his skin tone, to be safe something neutral. Then he could start building his casual style from the ground up. Next he could start adding colors moderately for starter's a Lino Robles polo/golf shirt is a very versatile shirt that can seem overwhelmingly urban once paired with jeans, but best of all you can pull off a prep look with great ease by layering a contrasting colored tee with some khakis.

Most of our clothing's eclectic mix of cotton fabric comes from 100% virgin soul in the Peruvian Andes Mountain. This cotton's fiber is longer and stronger than the regular fabric sold by our competitors. We sell very limited amount of these shirts,pants and jackets. This fabric comes from an unhibited location where there is no humans, just lush water and plants. We may import the fabric over here, but it's all tailored,designed, and hand crafted in the U.S.A.